Sunday, January 18, 2015

The Jungle Boy

Dum-da-dum.. da da dum
Merrily sing the drums
And as the day climbs on to the bed
The evening smiles bright.

An elephant trumpets
A lazy note
A bear adjusts her coat
A parrot fluffs the dirt out of the feathers
As the evening puts on a dark navy sweater.

I stretch my limbs
As the sky turns pink
And the moon smiles with a wink.
Its balmy and soothing
The night looks promising
Because you see
I am a jungle boy.

The old woman stokes the communal fire
As the drummers belt out an age old  rhyme
The fire is bright, the eyes are warm
The heart and minds are calm.

The heartbeat is the only rhythm
Lull between the conversations the only clock
We talk
And fill our lungs with heaven
As the nightshade flowers go to work.

The earth is primitive and awaken the feet
The grass is soft and moist
The sky is clear
The starts are bright
The conscience clear and the friendships tight .

I dance with life
And sing with the songs
As I join the tribe.
I am now a jungle boy
You see
I left the concrete imitation behind.

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