Thursday, July 25, 2013


Tears try to flow like unruly streams
But They are held back by the dam of indifference

Anger bubbles inside me like boiling water
My cowardice makes it lukewarm

Frustration piles up like a river in flood
But they are pushed back by a wall of apathy

My dreams rush forward to become reality like a river tributary
But are shattered by the blow of procrastination

Happiness tries to gush like a fountain
But a shameless society puts a lid on it

My thoughts are vast and deep like the ocean
Useless until they help a ship reach its destination
Helpless until someone build a bridge over them
But harmful if they become a tsunami


  1. Nice poem here thanks for joining the Poetic Ink Community on G+ and for sharing your talent with us. I will curate this poem for sure and share it elsewhere.

    The duality of life most definitely presents such a reality. The Yin & Yang style mentality is what I sense here in this poem, as one views life as a struggle with reality it itself.

  2. Hi Mike,
    Thanks for your encouraging words. Much appreciated.