Tuesday, July 30, 2013

When You Love

When you love...

Be like the desert
Each and every raindrop it welcomes
Deep inside it soaks it in
Making it a part of its own
Never to let go.

Be like the mountains
Strong and permanent
Always protecting, always sheltering.

Be like the mist
Return it will always
A comfortable cloak it brings with it
Dark and lonely when the night is

Be like the forge and the gold
Together who burn and suffer
But amazing is the magic they create.

Be like the summer breeze
The winter warmth, the autumn bloom
A child's carefree laughter you be

Be love itself..
When you love


  1. Lovely lines..When You Love just love without conditions.. :-)
    Loved your poetry.. :-)

  2. Good read.
    With all definitions i still find love mysterious.
    Good to see you define it so well. :)