Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I "Ambi Pur"ed It!

Just as I "Tropicana"d my breakfast to make it full
And "Surf Excel"ed my clothes, cotton, satin and wool
I "Ambi Pur"ed my car just last Jul
And I tell you, it does what it says, it's claims are no bull!

The Ambi Pur mini vent clip "Bruce Li"d the stale air
And "Chuck Norris"d the odors without a care
It "James Bond"ed the lingering stenches so well
Everyone exclaimed, What the hell!

My drives are now "Dev Anand"ed, fresh and evergreen
And my life is "Ambi Pur"ed, traffic woes no longer as they had been
I have "McDonald"ed my Ambi Pur mini vent, I am liking it
Stop thinking whether you should get it,"Nike" it, just as I did!

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