Thursday, August 22, 2013

Love..Lets Laugh At You

You think you make the world go round?
Get down from that pedestal
You can't see clearly from that high
Come ..lets go for a drink
And laugh at you.

Stop pretending, will you?
Do you think you still speak for whole mankind?
Wake up!
The hearts have hardened
The smiles are frozen
And the eyes are no longer easy to look at.

It was you who boasted
No matter what color, all will be drunk on love
You should admit defeat now
Drunk on blood, all people love now is the color red.

Were you always this afraid?
Were you always a coward?
Why do you run away to the darkest corner of the heart
When it's you who can cure this "color blindness".

It's madness everywhere
Look around, your kingdom is in shambles
It was your foolishness
To think we are better than animals.

Yes we walk on two feet
That just leaves our hands free to do more damage
Lets raise a toast to you ,Love
And laugh at you.