Friday, September 20, 2013

A Conversation

Utter helplessness?
It's now, said the repentant son
My parents are gone now.
Wished I was there more for them.

No, it is this
Said the morose man.
I know I am dying!

Ah, said the criminal mastermind.
I am sorry for you two.
But you know whats the most scary?

Oh yes, I know
Said the cat burglar
It is someone who knows exactly
What he is getting into!

No! Said the master mind
It is the one
Who doesn't have the slightest idea
Of the consequences.
That makes matters unpredictable!

Keep it down guys,
Said the lover boy
You know?
Love is the most beautiful thing!

Hmm..said the guy sitting silently
Do you know what is the most ancient thing? He whispered.
Gods? Mountains? Earth? The Sun?
It's the mind! he hissed
It draws on long lost evils!

You annoying guys,
Snapped the irritated old man
Tell me then
Whats causes certain death?

A bullet to the head?
You fools!
Its birth !