Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Where Is She?

Where is she?
Asks the little girl
With the bluest eyes
And freckled skin.
Where is my mamma?

She will be here honey.
An angel whispers
And when she sees how beautiful you are
She will weep.

Really? Smiles the little girl
Showing her front teeth
Smeared with the chef's special chocolate.
I can't wait to see her! She squeals!

Sitting atop a fluffy white pillow
She waits for her grandpa
With his big flowing snow white beard.
She loved to wipe her dirty hands on it
As he rolled his eyes
And the angels smiled.

Just yesterday
Her grandpa took her to the moon
She became a year old
And played with the stars.
Held a comet by its tails
And whooshed down a black hole.

It will be more fun next year
She thought
Grandpa promised me a pair of wings!
Hope mamma will be here to see it.

Where is she?
Wonders her mother
Biting her lips
Stopping her tears
As she remembers
Her abortion a year ago.