Monday, February 3, 2014


What is bliss?
They ask me.
And I smile.
And shake my head.
Hey, tell us, they say
Why don't you share the secret?
We want to know.

And I tell them
When I lie down on my jute chair outside
When the evening is about to become night
And I can see my parents 
Playing with my son
And my wife looking for me
It is bliss.

When I sit for dinner
And my son is the center of attraction for my parents
Then when my wife comes and sits beside me
And smiles our private smile,
It is bliss.

It is bliss
When I watch my son
Relishing the same food as me.
It is bliss
When I see my father's youth
And my childhood
Through my son.

When my mother and my wife
Cry watching daily soaps
And me and my father share an irritated look,
It is bliss.

It is bliss
When my wife and sister
Share secrets like the best of friends
And when the night falls
It is bliss
When I know
That all the people I love in this world
Are right here with me.

It is bliss
When you know
The end of your day
Will be beautiful like this.