Monday, February 10, 2014

Simple Life

It's the simple life I crave.
Where the walls may be made of mud
But feel like a second skin.

Where the lights inside may be dim
But the room brightened by smiles.

Where the food may be simple
But always eaten together.

Where there is time
To love, laugh,live.

Where the rooms might be small
But feel warm and safe like a mother's womb.

Where the beauty of the stars
Is not stolen by a thousand lights.

Where mornings are not a rush
But a time to feel the warm sun

Where success and celebration means
Living together , always.

Where familiarity means
Knowing everyone by their names.

I crave the simple life
Where the window opens to green fields
And the door opens to hearts.

Where moments are cherished
And not captured.

Where days are looked forward to
And not counted.

Where life  means  love
And love means life.