Wednesday, October 16, 2013


What legacy would
You like to leave behind?

Won't you wish
To leave behind some goodwill?
Fond remembrance, and some jokes?

A wholesome family
Fine sons and daughters
And the genuine love and respect
Of your brothers and sisters?

Why, of course you would love
To leave behind
Many happy memories
And a comforting, lingering presence.

Or instead a grieving family
Some questionable principles
Few broken dreams
And hurt friends?

A bag full of notes
Some legal papers
Maybe a few gold bars
Even some diamonds maybe?

A relaxed foe
A rejoicing hater
A disappointed critic
Or an indifferent neighbor?

Don't you rather wish
To leave behind
Something safer,
And inspiring?

Then oh man!
Why do you fight and compete
When one day
On your deathbed
You want to leave
Something beautiful behind.