Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Menu

The eyes are bloodshot
The mouth, full of stench.
Smacking his lips
He asks through a mouthful of congealed rotten blood
And decaying meat
What's on the menu tonight?

Ah, says the innkeeper
You are in for a treat today!
A whole fresh body
Flash fried, with the soul still trapped inside
It's a suicide case.

And? Asks he, who is forever hungry.
Let me see, says the innkeeper, rummaging
I have got several aborted sucklings
Some well aged meat full of drugs
And a hell lot of tidbits.
Blast victims, he says
They taste well in a hot pot.

I got some raw bodies too
Murdered.But I don't think you would like them
One has the intestines spilling out
The other is missing brains.
Still warm though.
By the way, do you like it kosher?
I have a couple with their throats neatly slit.

It's getting easy for you, innkeeper
Growled he
With them doing half the cooking for you.
Well, yes , sort of.
In fact, the humans are my inspiration now
I am just confused
Whether they are better or worse than us.


  1. Darkest Hours of the Declining Culture..
    The gore really does leave me gutted

  2. I really enjoy your work. At first I wasn't sure how to take this...but then I read a few of your other posts and realized that you're a genius, and I really appreciate you! Very well written, your imagery is immaculate and now I can join the other envious poets on the sidelines watching you climb to greatness! Excellent work!

  3. Hi Tara, you are too kind to me. I am just a regular poet :). Thanks for inspiring me!