Sunday, October 13, 2013

Life, The Con

The biggest con of all
After all the struggle and hopes of eternity
All you offer is death.

A cunning magician you are
Dazzling with choices
Tempting with rewards
Yet hiding the sacrifices.

You are such a sweet talker
With a forked tongue
Keeping us sedated
With promises like a never healing wound
Always there, but with bitterness.

You are the deceiver
Who said life is beautiful
Even when all we saw
Was the naked dance of evil.

Life... You are the shameless one
Without a conscience
Why else would you keep playing
Even after we know the truth?


  1. Hmmm you kind of got me here? Enjoyed the read but, just not sure the of the meaning!!!! Please don't take this as an insult it is not meant that way!!!!???

  2. 'Tempting with rewards yet hiding the sacrifices'. No truer thing was ever said!

  3. Very nicely put. But. whatever it is, Life is Beautiful...Let's make the most of it!