Wednesday, November 6, 2013

It's Been A Pleasure

(Rape has become an epidemic. Amidst the red tapism and loopholes of laws, an attempt at dehumanizing rapists. Only death to them!)

It's been a pleasure
Satisfying my lust
Marauding your body
Violating your sanctity.

I am satiated now.
I feel a little sorry for you
As my orgasm comes to an end.
But I will be back for more.
You were just a meal.
Momentarily satisfying my hunger.

I see I have been too much of an animal today.
I mauled your face like a rabid dog.
You are covered in your own blood
I joyfully sucked.

I might add you had a good figure.
Soft and curvy at the right places.
I hope
My next one is like you too
Beautiful, soft,tasty,helpless.

I love my country.
It is so safe
For people like me.

Don't be afraid.
I am just a guy next door
I am quite normal.
I guess you would have enjoyed a cup of coffee with me
If you were alive.

Oh, please excuse me
I have to clean myself up
And go back to my family
To the comfort of home.

I wonder when your family will find you.
Hope sooner.
At least you would resemble a human body.



  1. Replies
    1. Its intimidating. Not the concept but rather the point of view. un cautiously comfronting. A strong message and it makes me wonder if I would view it differently if it was written buy a woman. You have just confused my perception and for that I'm not sure if I'm pleased or just uncomfortable. .

    2. It brought forth a host of emotions... just that I did not have words to convey them. Thanks for writing it.

  2. What a strong message it conveys.. I have never read something of this sort.. It made me sad but it speaks volumes

    1. Yes Marley and Jyotsna.. and I was very uncomfortable while writing it too... But we need something like make people feel and realize.. the rapists are not human.. whatever excuse they give later or whatever the law says..about juvenile and adult rapists.. Rape is not a temporary moment of losing control.. t is a cold and calculative crime ..and the only punishment is death

  3. This post speaks so much! It's like an arrow that hits the right mark! Every rapist in this country should be severely punished (hang them all!). None of them should ever feel this country is safe for people like them.
    Brilliantly written!!!

  4. Thanks Sreesha.. "Death to rapists" should be a movement..

  5. It is so hard hitting, conveyed the basic mind set of a brute. You are right about rape being a cold and calculative crime often brushed under the carpet by our biased society. It is sad but unfortunately true :(

  6. I really liked your blog and have nominated you for the Liebster Award. You can visit the link to complete the procedure. Cheers Anurita