Sunday, November 3, 2013

A Handful Of Dirt

Do you contain the blood of someone
Who fought heroically eons ago?
Or do you contain the sweat of a man
Toiling away hard to feed his family.

Do you contain the tears
Of joys and sorrows
Of a people unknown, long forgotten?

Is it crushed dreams you contain?
Robbed by centuries
Do you hide vicious struggles?

Do you hold
The dusty footprints of  predators?
Or the leftovers
Of panic stricken prey.

Do you hold the passion
Of lovers who thought they would live forever?
Do you hold the love of a man
Who had nothing but you.

What is it you hold?
A piece of history?
A message?
An unspoken truth?
Or our past and future together?


  1. Powerful lines, Indeed. She/he/it (?) is witness to all that is past and all that is upcoming. But, we will never entangle and learn those lessons. That is the curse of the human race. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I guess, a bit of everything and loads of emotions. Lovely poem.