Thursday, August 22, 2013

Love..Lets Laugh At You

You think you make the world go round?
Get down from that pedestal
You can't see clearly from that high
Come ..lets go for a drink
And laugh at you.

Stop pretending, will you?
Do you think you still speak for whole mankind?
Wake up!
The hearts have hardened
The smiles are frozen
And the eyes are no longer easy to look at.

It was you who boasted
No matter what color, all will be drunk on love
You should admit defeat now
Drunk on blood, all people love now is the color red.

Were you always this afraid?
Were you always a coward?
Why do you run away to the darkest corner of the heart
When it's you who can cure this "color blindness".

It's madness everywhere
Look around, your kingdom is in shambles
It was your foolishness
To think we are better than animals.

Yes we walk on two feet
That just leaves our hands free to do more damage
Lets raise a toast to you ,Love
And laugh at you.

Monday, August 19, 2013


People say your color is green
But you are a vicious blackish red in reality
The color of dead flesh.
Rotten,devoid of love
Unholy is your stench.

Curse on you,you rapist!
Violating minds and hearts,
Molesting humanity,
You dance naked on emotions.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

I Look For You

I look for you...
In the kitchen
Your favorite spoon lies untouched
The green tea bags are now months old
The kettle no longer whistles all day
The spice bottles are half full
Just the way you left them.

Your clothes lie washed and ironed
Faintly smelling of your perfume
I keep the cupboard door closed
Lest the scent fades away.

I have not washed the curtains since long
But honey, they are not filthy yet
I no longer open the windows for air
I now just like them closed.

I have not moved the furniture
Yes, I remember you told me to clean them
But you know,
I just keep them covered
That keeps the visitors away.

Your pillow still rests beside me
You know I cant sleep without your smell
There is even a lock of your hair on it
I take care to let it be the way it is.

Your pills are still by our bedside
I knew they wont be finished
You never took them on time!

It's been just a few days you are gone
But I look for you everywhere
I keep looking for you
I find you everywhere
Just to lose you again.

I know you are in a better place
And I know you miss me too
You look for me like I do for you
But don't worry honey
I have plans to be with you there soon too.

The Song Of Mankind

It is as if the heart is imprisoned
Is it why it fails to beat as it should?
Never satisfied, never content
Heaven too seems small for us
But we fight and die
For mere trifles
Because our heart never beats as it should
This is why we made hell  in here
Trying to create our own heaven.

Banished from eden
We wander,
Champions no longer we were
Because we let go of winning and thought just of defeating.

Wealth and knowledge
Are the playthings of a few
Like the false gods that we are
We betray our own brethen.

Flimsy borders have we created
Not ashamed of dividing even the skies
But it's  not a surprise
When we have divided even the gods amongst us.


Saturday, August 17, 2013


The distance is only a reminder
That my life is nothing without you
Beyond you
My existence is a shadow.

Oh, my motherland
I carry with me your fragrance
The rich earth, the young rivers, the comforting trees
Why don't I feel lost
Even when I am in the wilderness in you?

The rain and sunshine feel friendly in you
The storms and thunder like a mother's loving words
My love for you is eternal
I can bleed for you,my land, but never weep when I am in your embrace.

My motherland is where
My only heaven is
The sweetest water, the cleanest air
The greenest fields, the bluest sky
My motherland is where
Is my life alive.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I "Ambi Pur"ed It!

Just as I "Tropicana"d my breakfast to make it full
And "Surf Excel"ed my clothes, cotton, satin and wool
I "Ambi Pur"ed my car just last Jul
And I tell you, it does what it says, it's claims are no bull!

The Ambi Pur mini vent clip "Bruce Li"d the stale air
And "Chuck Norris"d the odors without a care
It "James Bond"ed the lingering stenches so well
Everyone exclaimed, What the hell!

My drives are now "Dev Anand"ed, fresh and evergreen
And my life is "Ambi Pur"ed, traffic woes no longer as they had been
I have "McDonald"ed my Ambi Pur mini vent, I am liking it
Stop thinking whether you should get it,"Nike" it, just as I did!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Wafting By : The Nostalgic Nose Chronicles

Long before I knew that it is called olfactory memory, I have been finding solace in my private world of fragrances ever since I can remember. My youngest memory is that of the Pears soap my family used. My mother would keep the soap cover for days near my window, knowing I loved the smell. Whenever I would need a break from anything, I would take the empty cover and inhale the faint scent deeply. Everybody tolerated my quirk, probably thinking it is good that I am not inhaling glue!

The familiar scent of the soap would instantly transport me to my protected haven, into the loving arms of my parents in our cozy home. I hated going to school. And whenever I had a fight or a teacher scolded me, I would just imagine myself smelling the familiar comforting fragrance. It had such an effect on me, I now realize I was partial to friends who used the same soap and smelled like it!

With age, I slowly started exploring the world. I would help my father as he worked on our tiny kitchen garden. And I would wait impatiently till he allowed me to water the garden. Sprinkle lightly over the seeds just planted, he would say. A balmy evening and the earthy smell of water on freshly dug soil is something that remains with you till your dying day. I loved that time with my father. The setting sun creating a magical atmosphere, and a smile of satisfaction playing on my father lips. When I look back, I believe it was  a moment when I felt closest to being one with the whole world. Now my father no longer works in our kitchen garden,and I stay in a concrete jungle in another city,courtesy my job. When it rains, I try in futile to look for that elusive earth smell. It's always missing. Someday, I promise myself, me and my father will spend some magical moments again,under  a setting sun in a balmy evening, working on our garden, talking about everything and nothing.

As an adult now, there is rarely any time for me to stop and smell the flowers. A cliche, I know. But in reality, there are times when I long for something which will transport me to my world in a cocoon, where there are no blaring horns and frustrating traffic,  no rushing to office, no deadlines. Where there is just life and the time to appreciate it.

Another incident I vividly remember is when I spilled my father's Old Spice aftershave. Needlessly to say, I was disciplined and an entire room smelled like a barber shop for a whole week. Nevertheless this incident sealed the fate of Old Spice as my aftershave of choice. Every time I use it, I remember that time. The little me reaching out to touch the fascinating red bottle, clumsily dropping it, and everyone coming running, drawn by the smell. In a way, this has made shaving a therapeutic ritual for me, which takes me back to my childhood and with it, to a time of innocence.

But the smell I miss most is that of a cold cream used by my mother. I guess it was named Tuhina and it is no longer available now. My mom would use it even on me and I would keep smelling my hand,till she got exasperated and finally made me wash my arms! So much for a cold cream!

Getting married was an exciting time for me. And when I became a father, I was ecstatic. I held the baby close to smell that new baby smell so many people talk about. And I fell in love with my son. It is something that cannot be described. A mixture of baby powder, wipes,new clothes, it instantly makes me feel complete. It is like life has come full circle. And I look forward to smell the earth with my son and my father!

Many times I think what is it in a smell. Why does it make me feel sane and peaceful in this mad , mad world? Is it a dependency? Actually it is not. It is just the happy memories stored within you coming forth again. I call them my life fragrances. They make me happy, content and give me a sense of belonging.

I thought I had had my fill of my "life fragrances". But a frantic drive to our pediatrician turned out to be a eye opening experience. I never used a car perfume, rather loving the scent of leather. But my wife insisted and I reluctantly bought an Ambi Pur car perfume. The pacific air one, to be  precise. I got to test it in an unfortunate incident when we had to rush our son to the hospital due to a stomach infection. Throughout the drive, I could strangely feel myself calm ,composed and resolved. I was not panicking,rather, I was strangely assured that I would reach the hospital fast without any incidents and everything will be fine. I won't deny the affect of my wife's reassuring hand on my shoulder all the time I was driving. But she also told me that the Ambi Pur perfume reminded her of a garden, covered with soft grass and blooming flowers. And this made her feel peaceful. I guess it had the same effect on me too. I agree it is purely psychological. But I would grab anything with both hands which will keep my mind peaceful during traffic moving at a constipated pace or a frantic drive!

It is a medically proven fact that a smell can open a floodgate of memories. A smell which makes you remember your emotions is a powerful tool, transporting you back to your happy childhood or a memory which invigorates you, makes you forget your problems and infuses you with energy to take life by it's horns. It is not a way of escaping reality, it is rather drawing energy from your memories to remind you that all is well!  


Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Seems Like A Past Life

Unforgiving is the day
Rushing to its end
Angry of its own existence.

Callous and vulgar
Are the seconds,minutes and hours
Without any mercy
They banish everything to the past.

Careless laughter
Childhood dreams
Uncomplicated friendships
Unconditional love...
Lost in time.

I am an adult
But why does my childhood
Seem like a past life?

Thursday, August 1, 2013

It's Time

Slowly sets the sun
The sky is painted blood red
Soon to vanish into black nothingness
But reminded of it's existence
By the stars,herded by the moon.

Comfortable blackness settles in
Accentuated by feeble fireflies
Whose trail of light leading nowehere
Mirrors the universe above

Silence sets in
Like a shroud on a body
Completing the darkness.

But it is time
To hunt and kill
The seek out prey
To harass the weak and feeble
To become the animals we are
While the dark night looks on
Knowing it won't be blamed
Because the light has been blind since long.