Saturday, September 21, 2013

A Crazy Moment

I jump from the highest mountain
And land softly like a cat
Then run off to take a bath
In the Dead Sea.

I take part in a boat race
All alone, holding a piece of paper as a sail
And after winning
I reach the torture chamber to collect my prize.

I come out missing an arm and a leg
The price of winning
But the butcher said he would fix me up
And so did the seamstress.

I am thirsty.
I take some grapes
And taste the instant 1000 year old wine.
It is ordinary.

I feel like smoking
And exhale half the world out
It is lonely now.

I try to drown myself
To escape the sound
But the half torn movie ticket
Holds me back for the sequel.

I try to crawl
But the ground is too slippery
I can't fly.
My wings are not licensed.

I will be late.
I am a sacrificial victim for an hour
I will be back
Once I resurrect.