Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Question

How can you love me
When you know me just for a month,
She asked.

He stammered.
How could he tell
When he first saw her, he was filled with lust.
Her reddish brown hair
Covering her bare shoulders
Stopped just above the swell of her breasts.

Her milky white skin
Promised to fulfill all his fantasies.
And her delicate lips
Seemed like salvation.

Her scent drove him mad
Making him want to possess her.
Her shapely body
Awakening desire,
Setting fire to his loins.

But he didn't know
When suddenly he stopped noticing her lips
And started loving her smile.
When he stopped noticing her bosom
And started seeing her heart.

He didn't know
When he stopped seeing her with his hands.
He forgot when he started averting his eyes
When in the middle of a conversation,
She adjusted her stole
Or tied her hair again.

He forgot when he stopped imagining her in bed
And instead, started dreaming of growing old together.

He couldn't find any words
And she left in a huff.
You guys are all same
She said.
You think love happens just like that?
You are just interested in my body!

Sunday, December 8, 2013


He sits on the cold ground
Barely able to walk
But slowly understanding his solitude.

The trembling hands rise to wipe his tears
Unaccustomed, he rubs his eyes red.
He tries to lick his dried lips
Salty with his tears.

He vainly sucks at his pacifier
His only possession
To escape his hunger pangs.

His throat is dry
His stomach empty
The clothes are old and ragged.

His head
Now bigger than his body
Weighs him down.
His face
Once soft
Is now puffed and streaked with dry tears
And dirt.

He tries to crawl somewhere
Wishing for  a corner he knows
Wishing for the loving hands he recognised
Wishing for the reassuring smells.

His feeding time is long gone
His tiny eyes dart everywhere
Looking for someone
Who might see his hunger in his eyes
His tiny tongue licks his thin lips
Anticipating warm, sweet milk.

Bewildered, feeling betrayed
He longs for his mother's soft hands
That soothed his body
He longs for her sweet voice
His favorite lullaby
And his soft,warm cot.

He keeps his ears alert
For his father's deep voice
His joyful laughter.

Everytime someone picks him up
He peers into them
Trying to see the two people
Who made him feel so special.

He shouts unintelligible words
Faintly hoping someone would clap
Hearing him trying to speak.
He is disappointed.

He has forgotten to smile
And why not
Earlier when his smile would start a celebration
It now sees only expressionless faces.

He tries to pull his torn vest
And suck at it.
He tries to lick the ground.
Hoping someone will come running
And picking him up
Would hurriedly feed him.
Dissappointed....once again.

Feeling neglected and cold
He cries to his heart's content
His voice gets hoarse and his throat tender.
He opens his teary eyes periodically
Wishing to see the once familiar figure come running to him.

But who would tell him
That they are no more.
People in an orphanage are busy.
They don't have the time
To tell him
His fragile world was shattered by a drunk driver.