Thursday, August 1, 2013

It's Time

Slowly sets the sun
The sky is painted blood red
Soon to vanish into black nothingness
But reminded of it's existence
By the stars,herded by the moon.

Comfortable blackness settles in
Accentuated by feeble fireflies
Whose trail of light leading nowehere
Mirrors the universe above

Silence sets in
Like a shroud on a body
Completing the darkness.

But it is time
To hunt and kill
The seek out prey
To harass the weak and feeble
To become the animals we are
While the dark night looks on
Knowing it won't be blamed
Because the light has been blind since long.


  1. wonderful description in poetic style!!

  2. I like the poems.. You do pen well.. why don't you try to go out once in a while and try writing on streets.. you never know what you come up with.. just an idea :)

  3. Wow, this is really interesting...the herding. The way the fireflies reflect the immensity of an unending universe by their frailty. A striking perspective. Nice.

  4. it is time to become the animals that we are...that is rather haunting....the silence setting like a shroud is a great touch to set the tension...

  5. the change that comes with the darkness not stopping on the outside but reaching into us as well... the becoming the animal part gave me shivers a bit...well done

  6. A paradox of sorts, the beauty of nature gives way to the side of it not so pretty.
    It is the wonder so much given to man to admire . . . but it's all a wonder, isn't it?
    I like your piece and its vivid pictures.