Saturday, September 21, 2013

A Crazy Moment

I jump from the highest mountain
And land softly like a cat
Then run off to take a bath
In the Dead Sea.

I take part in a boat race
All alone, holding a piece of paper as a sail
And after winning
I reach the torture chamber to collect my prize.

I come out missing an arm and a leg
The price of winning
But the butcher said he would fix me up
And so did the seamstress.

I am thirsty.
I take some grapes
And taste the instant 1000 year old wine.
It is ordinary.

I feel like smoking
And exhale half the world out
It is lonely now.

I try to drown myself
To escape the sound
But the half torn movie ticket
Holds me back for the sequel.

I try to crawl
But the ground is too slippery
I can't fly.
My wings are not licensed.

I will be late.
I am a sacrificial victim for an hour
I will be back
Once I resurrect.

Friday, September 20, 2013

A Conversation

Utter helplessness?
It's now, said the repentant son
My parents are gone now.
Wished I was there more for them.

No, it is this
Said the morose man.
I know I am dying!

Ah, said the criminal mastermind.
I am sorry for you two.
But you know whats the most scary?

Oh yes, I know
Said the cat burglar
It is someone who knows exactly
What he is getting into!

No! Said the master mind
It is the one
Who doesn't have the slightest idea
Of the consequences.
That makes matters unpredictable!

Keep it down guys,
Said the lover boy
You know?
Love is the most beautiful thing!

Hmm..said the guy sitting silently
Do you know what is the most ancient thing? He whispered.
Gods? Mountains? Earth? The Sun?
It's the mind! he hissed
It draws on long lost evils!

You annoying guys,
Snapped the irritated old man
Tell me then
Whats causes certain death?

A bullet to the head?
You fools!
Its birth !

I Wish

I wish there were mines of laughter instead
And hearts were made of gold
Everyone will have their own
And precious still it would be to behold.

I wish time was made of chewing gum
To stretch it long and long
We would then always find the time
To sing our favorite song.

I wish there were floods
When tears flew freely, and not when rains lashed
I wish the fire of hunger was visible from far and wide
Every time someone's hope was dashed.

I wish we all could view
Every time there was a true love's kiss
I wish we knew each time
Greed took over bliss.

I wish happiness was like air
Never ending and free
And I wish life was like
An ever blooming tree.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Where Is She?

Where is she?
Asks the little girl
With the bluest eyes
And freckled skin.
Where is my mamma?

She will be here honey.
An angel whispers
And when she sees how beautiful you are
She will weep.

Really? Smiles the little girl
Showing her front teeth
Smeared with the chef's special chocolate.
I can't wait to see her! She squeals!

Sitting atop a fluffy white pillow
She waits for her grandpa
With his big flowing snow white beard.
She loved to wipe her dirty hands on it
As he rolled his eyes
And the angels smiled.

Just yesterday
Her grandpa took her to the moon
She became a year old
And played with the stars.
Held a comet by its tails
And whooshed down a black hole.

It will be more fun next year
She thought
Grandpa promised me a pair of wings!
Hope mamma will be here to see it.

Where is she?
Wonders her mother
Biting her lips
Stopping her tears
As she remembers
Her abortion a year ago.

Monday, September 16, 2013

What Turns You On, Rapist?

What turns you on?
The sun tanned shoulders
Where a loved one finds comfort?
Or that bosom?
I reckon you grew up sucking at one of those.
What a shame.

Are you turned on by someone in a bikini?
That might have been her first outing as a budding woman
You are not welcome to ruin it.

Are you turned on by long smooth hair
Cared and toiled for by a mother's weary hands?
Or you find that belly button exciting
Your parents played with yours, remember?

Of yes,some of you are turned on by buttocks
Exciting, aren't they?
Why don't you go play with yours?

Do you like a slender body
Honed by painstaking hours in the gym
Or do you like a fuller figure
Of someone in the ripe of womanhood?
Well..they did not sculpt their bodies for your filthy eyes and hands.

Do you like someone in a saree?
Or in a tight jeans, or a mini?
Oh, you are drooling!
Undressing them in your mind, aren't you?

I know your dirty secret
You rape them over and over again
In your mind.
And emboldened by it
You start your sordid hunt.

I can see you
Lurking in dark corners
Looking for your prey
Even grandmas and little girls will do?
I guess it's time
For someone to rape you back.

Oh wait, I have a better idea
Why not hand you over to pit bulls in heat?
I will get immense satisfaction
To see them tearing apart your skin,flesh and hair.

How does it feel
To get bitten by rabid dogs
All over your body?
Interesting, isn't it?
Oh look!
One of your eyeballs popped out
Holding on to the socket
With a thin strand of fleshy rope.

Are those entrails?
It must feel awesome
To have them pulled out
When you can still feel it!

Cry, beg, shout!
It is music
To my ears.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Last Day

Half awake, barely breathing
I wait.
I wished it  had happened in my sleep
But now I am grateful
For these last moments of consciousness.
I get to say goodbye
To my memories.

I struggle to fill my lungs
They protest. Don't struggle, they admonish me
We are trying to make it
As smooth as possible.
Keep calm, the heart says
I am still at work.
You will know
When it's time.

I feel the blood rushing in my ears
Carrying my consciousness all over my body
For a final journey
Of hellos and goodbyes.

Feeling a little cold,I lodge a silent protest.
Don't worry,someone whispers
We are about to close the curtains of your play
And it's a little chilly outside.

I am not scared.
There is discomfort
But I know all this will soon be over.

But sad I am
Leaving behind the sound of my first laughter
The magic of my first words.
And the footprints of my first step.

I am leaving behind the words and rhythm
Of the songs of my childhood
The careless laughter of my youth
My heartbeats for my love
And my tears of joy and sorrow.

But I know that they are not lost
My laughter will echo from somewhere
My words will touch other's lips
My footprints will always be kept safe
By the earth I walked on
Till it's time for me
To come back.

It grows colder
The curtains are almost down
The audience has dispersed
Faintly the heart keeps on beating
Before the watchman
Flicks off the mains.
It's an end 
But a new play starts tomorrow.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

She Screams

She screams.
Satan smiles sardonically.
Sanguiferous, Smelly,
Soliciting souls.

Spirit shattered,
She slumps, sinks

Shapeless shadows snarl, screech
Scaring solitude
Snatching sanity
Spreading syphilis.

Screaming, society surrenders.

The Spy

It's been ages since I slept.
How can I?
I feel like my bed is made of black,sticky blood.
The faces keep staring back at me
Here's one whom I shot
Here's another whom I knifed.
I  feel like thousand of ants running on my skin
Driven to a frenzy by the congealed blood.

I freeze a smile on my face
Fearing I will throw up
Spilling the blood,guts and flesh.
I keep checking the mirror
For a forked tongue or any fangs I might have grown.

I feel like a traitor
Acting throughout the day
You are doing it for the country son, they say
But am I not deceiving my life?

But I carry on
Yearning for that momentary bliss
When I catch a glimpse of you
From afar
Ivory skin, reddish brown hair
You look like an angel
To my tortured soul.

Every time I jump of the plane
Weighed down by guns and sadness
I remember the time I ran when I saw you
You couldn't stop laughing.
I was smiling too
I fleetingly saw your face
And smelled your perfume.
I had to run, you know
Anything close to my heart
Is seen as liability or an opportunity.

Yes I know
"Friends" laugh at me
I laugh with them too
A sad, maniacal laugh.

But look what I have lost.
I can no longer see whats true.
But living this lie so long..
I yearn for normalcy
Just to be free to talk to you.

Dying in the line of duty is a blessing
But living the life of another
Is something beyond sacrifice.

Every time the enemy is in my cross-hairs
Every time I booby trap something
Every time I walk along dark narrow by-lanes
Looking for the enemy
I think of you
Would you have liked me
If you knew what I was in reality?

Under fire
Dirt and hot air whizzing by
Under water
Silently swimming towards carnage
I think of you.

Every time I get shot,
I think of you.
Every time I jump into the unknown
I think of you.
Rushing by to save lives
I think of you.

I guess I will never be able to tell you
And when someday I lie somewhere
Body ridden by bullets
Or flesh torn by shrapnel
Life slowly ebbing
I will just have one regret
Of not having even one good look at your face.

Friday, September 13, 2013


The breasts that fed you warm milk
Grow hard and cold
Every time you fall
Every time you kill
Every time you taste blood
Yours or your enemy’s.

The lips that once sucked soft nipples
Now bite bullets
Hold cigarettes
And caress wounds.

Soft hands are now calloused
From sending death messages
Through bullet mail
To the guys
On the other side of the fence.

Every time the juicy meat gets torn
And blood gushes out like a last prayer
Fast, in a hurry
You rejoice.
But somewhere
A mother’s heart grows cold
The leftover milk
Dries up along with her blood.

If you keep playing with red
It will take away from you
The blue and the greens.

Bygone are the days
When you were a child of god.
You are feral now
But with a leash.

You are stupid
Trading your mother’s milk
For oil and religion.
But is it so surprising
When we have divided even nature.

Bygone are the days
When fearlessness meant saving lives.
Bygone are the days
When we were just men

And not wannabe gods.


Don't question me, she said
I am tired of your words.
Silence is the most profound question, I said.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Where Are The People?

Sometimes I wonder
Where are all the people.
I see only two legged animals
Carrying hot molten lead in their hearts.

Where are the people
Who used to carry a garden in their hearts
Stench of greed they used to ignore
With barely a glance.

Where are the people
Who used to carry the vast blue sky in their hearts
The narrowness of selfishness they used to laugh at
With contempt.

Where are the people
Who used to carry the majestic mountains in their hearts
The lowliness of character they used to despise
With a vengeance.

Where are the people
Who used to carry the calmness of oceans in their heart
Rashness and insensitivity they used to cure
With understanding.

Where are the people
Who used to carry love in their hearts
Who used to make this world safer for everyone
Who believed all men are brothers
And who believed
Love is unconditional.

Where are all the people?
I wonder
Am I in a bad dream?

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

My Son, I Love You

A bundle of joy you were
When my eyes rested on you for the first time.
I remember it well
Because it was the only time
You cried and I was happy.

So fragile, yet strongly alive
With each breath you grew
Crying when hungry, soiling your clothes
You announced your arrival.

Teeth less gums, pink and soft
Became the most beautiful thing I saw everyday
Your fragrance and your soft breath
Became my music.

The nights were long and sometimes hard
You were fussy,colicky and sometimes naughty
I sure did miss my sleep
But now I miss those times too.

My son, I love you
Not only for coming to my life
But also for helping me see my parents in a new way
For making me understand your mother more
For making my life simple
Because now the only thing I yearn for,
Is to be a good son,husband and a father.