Saturday, April 26, 2014

Doctor Hair!

Uff! These split ends
I hope someone had a magic wand
But what's the use, she rued
I did nothing when I could.
So bring the scissor and a mirror
Let me cut them without an error!

Wait! I said
The shampoos did nothing for whom you paid?
No... she said, making a face
With the split ends they couldn't keep pace
And they were a complete waste!

Would you try something I got?I asked
No more! The scissor is my savior at last!
I got thinking
How to make her try the TRESemme thing!

Tell me why you cut your split ends
Just because they don't hurt and they easily bend?
Yes and yes, she said
And also because they disappear and I look great!

You say you love your hair
So this is not fair!
Just because it doesn't hurt
Your hair doesn't deserve to get cut!

Agreed it's not like the heart or lung
Nor like the teeth or tongue!
Is it the reason
You cut it without a feeling of treason?

Yes it is!
To cut your hair which makes you look a maiden fair
For a few split ends?

What can I do? She wailed
Fear not! I smiled
There is a new doctor in town!
Who can forever remove your frown!

Who is that? asked she with a raised eyebrow and a haha!
I held up the new pack of TRESemme Split Remedy Shampoo Conditioner..Ta da!

So that was a week ago!
And today, for the scissor it is a firm no!
This was my experience with TRESemme
Her hair is beautiful again
Split ends are no more a pain.

We now call you Doctor Hair!
And it's like her hair is having an affair!
Its vibrant, shiny, happy and silky
And she looks so pretty!

So let your hair have fun with Doctor Hair
They would make a beautiful pair!
No split ends, never ever
Whoever made this shampoo
Is indeed very clever!

(This post is written as a part of the Indiblogger TRESemme contest)

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

This Road

This road, it's strange.
It let's you build it as you walk.

Linger you cannot
If the road wants
It can bend and curve
As you lay the bricks
And bring you to the same place
But from a different view.

You can repent, reminiscence, rejoice
But mourn you will, definitely.