Sunday, August 18, 2013

I Look For You

I look for you...
In the kitchen
Your favorite spoon lies untouched
The green tea bags are now months old
The kettle no longer whistles all day
The spice bottles are half full
Just the way you left them.

Your clothes lie washed and ironed
Faintly smelling of your perfume
I keep the cupboard door closed
Lest the scent fades away.

I have not washed the curtains since long
But honey, they are not filthy yet
I no longer open the windows for air
I now just like them closed.

I have not moved the furniture
Yes, I remember you told me to clean them
But you know,
I just keep them covered
That keeps the visitors away.

Your pillow still rests beside me
You know I cant sleep without your smell
There is even a lock of your hair on it
I take care to let it be the way it is.

Your pills are still by our bedside
I knew they wont be finished
You never took them on time!

It's been just a few days you are gone
But I look for you everywhere
I keep looking for you
I find you everywhere
Just to lose you again.

I know you are in a better place
And I know you miss me too
You look for me like I do for you
But don't worry honey
I have plans to be with you there soon too.


  1. I immediately thought of my mother while reading this very poem of yours. Wow! such deep inward emotions raging outwards with a unique poetic touch. This one mad eme feel like I was there in the moment, seeking and searching as well. Awesome job! Oh and thanks for sharing it with the Poetic Ink community on G+. Keep up the great job your doing here, it is wonderful to discover great poets and great poetry like this.

  2. its words like these that make me realize how much i need true love. thanks again.