Monday, May 26, 2014


The skin was surprised.
It was torn as if savaged by sharp teeth.
But it happened so fast
It had no inkling
Neither could it alert the flesh.

The flesh had heard the ripping sound
But before it could prepare itself
It was blinded by blood.
It felt naked
Forcefully undressed.

It was mercilessly probed
Torn apart clinically.
The sinews could no longer hold.
They became taut like guitar strings
And snapped, orphaning the flesh from the bone.

Gurgling, suffocated by the very blood it carried
The flesh cried.
It was violated,raped.

The spinning shiny alien rapist
Drilled a hole throughout
Triumphantly exiting
Breaking a bone as a bonus.

The torn flesh and sinews
Tried to get back together
Making a wet sucking noise
Slipping against each other.
The jagged broken bone
Added insult to injury
Cutting and puncturing the wounded flesh.

The skin hung loosely
By a thread, almost looking like a sticky cheese string.

The skin was ashamed
It was so fragile.
The muscles and sinews hopeful
That they might have done enough
To bend the alien
Away from the fleshy liver or the ripe kidneys
Or the rubbery intestine.

Did they succeed?
They eagerly awaited the signal
Blissfully ignorant
That there was also one more shot
To the head.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Wise

Can all men be equal?
The hopeful asked.
Never, said the disdainful.
Can a hill ever be a mountain?
Or a river, an ocean?
Can salt be sweet..
Or a lion bleat?

I don't understand
Said the confused
What is the diference
Between diversity and inequality?

You think too much
Said the wise.
Smiling and filling his pipe
As he was dragged.

Where to? They asked
Heaven or hell?
They are the same, he hollered back

Thursday, May 1, 2014


The song
It hurts my ears with its overindulgence
And makes me long for a piercing scream.
Though painful,
The scream is an honest expression of opinion.