Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Last Day

Half awake, barely breathing
I wait.
I wished it  had happened in my sleep
But now I am grateful
For these last moments of consciousness.
I get to say goodbye
To my memories.

I struggle to fill my lungs
They protest. Don't struggle, they admonish me
We are trying to make it
As smooth as possible.
Keep calm, the heart says
I am still at work.
You will know
When it's time.

I feel the blood rushing in my ears
Carrying my consciousness all over my body
For a final journey
Of hellos and goodbyes.

Feeling a little cold,I lodge a silent protest.
Don't worry,someone whispers
We are about to close the curtains of your play
And it's a little chilly outside.

I am not scared.
There is discomfort
But I know all this will soon be over.

But sad I am
Leaving behind the sound of my first laughter
The magic of my first words.
And the footprints of my first step.

I am leaving behind the words and rhythm
Of the songs of my childhood
The careless laughter of my youth
My heartbeats for my love
And my tears of joy and sorrow.

But I know that they are not lost
My laughter will echo from somewhere
My words will touch other's lips
My footprints will always be kept safe
By the earth I walked on
Till it's time for me
To come back.

It grows colder
The curtains are almost down
The audience has dispersed
Faintly the heart keeps on beating
Before the watchman
Flicks off the mains.
It's an end 
But a new play starts tomorrow.


  1. Lovely and Intense Lines..

  2. not easy to talk about death, the last day before the unknow
    nicely writed

  3. very visual...i felt death coming over! would you consider being featured on my blog?

  4. Moving words
    Only a dying person can truly understand the pain and the joy of his last moment.
    Thank You