Monday, September 16, 2013

What Turns You On, Rapist?

What turns you on?
The sun tanned shoulders
Where a loved one finds comfort?
Or that bosom?
I reckon you grew up sucking at one of those.
What a shame.

Are you turned on by someone in a bikini?
That might have been her first outing as a budding woman
You are not welcome to ruin it.

Are you turned on by long smooth hair
Cared and toiled for by a mother's weary hands?
Or you find that belly button exciting
Your parents played with yours, remember?

Of yes,some of you are turned on by buttocks
Exciting, aren't they?
Why don't you go play with yours?

Do you like a slender body
Honed by painstaking hours in the gym
Or do you like a fuller figure
Of someone in the ripe of womanhood?
Well..they did not sculpt their bodies for your filthy eyes and hands.

Do you like someone in a saree?
Or in a tight jeans, or a mini?
Oh, you are drooling!
Undressing them in your mind, aren't you?

I know your dirty secret
You rape them over and over again
In your mind.
And emboldened by it
You start your sordid hunt.

I can see you
Lurking in dark corners
Looking for your prey
Even grandmas and little girls will do?
I guess it's time
For someone to rape you back.

Oh wait, I have a better idea
Why not hand you over to pit bulls in heat?
I will get immense satisfaction
To see them tearing apart your skin,flesh and hair.

How does it feel
To get bitten by rabid dogs
All over your body?
Interesting, isn't it?
Oh look!
One of your eyeballs popped out
Holding on to the socket
With a thin strand of fleshy rope.

Are those entrails?
It must feel awesome
To have them pulled out
When you can still feel it!

Cry, beg, shout!
It is music
To my ears.


  1. ufff... the first half of the poem man! I just give up!

  2. Just too good! Very good!

  3. Way too intense and way too good! Its sad that all that is actually happening around us..

  4. I really like this piece, I created one very similar in theme and tone. I feel poems like this need to be shared to remind others that issues like this are real, and the feelings the words invoke are intense & necessary in order to express such an experience or message. I applaud you for your effort & accomplishment!