Sunday, November 17, 2013

What We Don't Hear

Even the weakest eyes
Can see the sun rise
And the faintest of smiles
Lifts someone by miles.

The feeblest yes
From a bonny lass
Is a beautiful start
And lightens up the heart

But it's the hidden tear
We often don't hear
As it rolls down
And sears up the ground.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

It's Been A Pleasure

(Rape has become an epidemic. Amidst the red tapism and loopholes of laws, an attempt at dehumanizing rapists. Only death to them!)

It's been a pleasure
Satisfying my lust
Marauding your body
Violating your sanctity.

I am satiated now.
I feel a little sorry for you
As my orgasm comes to an end.
But I will be back for more.
You were just a meal.
Momentarily satisfying my hunger.

I see I have been too much of an animal today.
I mauled your face like a rabid dog.
You are covered in your own blood
I joyfully sucked.

I might add you had a good figure.
Soft and curvy at the right places.
I hope
My next one is like you too
Beautiful, soft,tasty,helpless.

I love my country.
It is so safe
For people like me.

Don't be afraid.
I am just a guy next door
I am quite normal.
I guess you would have enjoyed a cup of coffee with me
If you were alive.

Oh, please excuse me
I have to clean myself up
And go back to my family
To the comfort of home.

I wonder when your family will find you.
Hope sooner.
At least you would resemble a human body.


Sunday, November 3, 2013

A Handful Of Dirt

Do you contain the blood of someone
Who fought heroically eons ago?
Or do you contain the sweat of a man
Toiling away hard to feed his family.

Do you contain the tears
Of joys and sorrows
Of a people unknown, long forgotten?

Is it crushed dreams you contain?
Robbed by centuries
Do you hide vicious struggles?

Do you hold
The dusty footprints of  predators?
Or the leftovers
Of panic stricken prey.

Do you hold the passion
Of lovers who thought they would live forever?
Do you hold the love of a man
Who had nothing but you.

What is it you hold?
A piece of history?
A message?
An unspoken truth?
Or our past and future together?

Chyawanprash Champ!

Mummy, mummy are you there?
See..teddy fell down the stairs!
It's not good, it's not fair
His legs are weak,can we get a new pair?

Come my darling, let's pick him up
And here is your milk in your superman cup!
Not feeling sleepy are you little man?
Oh my, you have been out too long, look at your tan!

Coz I am strong mama, I can play all day long
But why can't teddy play along?'s because you have been a good boy
And you always take the magic potion with joy!

Yummy! Can I have some now?
Please please please mummy, now now now!
Oh you adorable naughty thing
After you finish your milk,and listen to this story with your eyes tinkling!

Yippie! I love you so much mummy
Hey teddy, come here you dummy
We are listening to a story
With kings and queens.Mama? Is there a fairy?

Haha..yes, we can include one too
Coz it's a magical strory, which is true!
It's about the magic potion you take
Let me tell you how it was made!

Long,long ago there was a child like you
Chyawana was his name, he never liked his mother's stew!
He grew up to be a mighty rishi
But his health was a little mushy!

He kept neglecting it!And wanted only to meditate!
And out of fear, no one could berate.
As it happens, he got a wife
Who was so beautiful, among the gods she caused strife!

Chyawana didn't take an apple a day
And so he couldn't keep two pesky doctors at bay!
Dr. Ashwini and Ashwini  were their names
They couldn't keep their eyes off Chyawana's dame!

But his wife was a clever little lady
She could see the doctors were a little shady!
She decided to play a neat little trick
And convinced the doctors to treat Chyawana, who was really sick!

Ofcourse they couldn't say no to her 
And they cured Chyavana then and there!
Did you know how they did it?
They created the first batch of your magic potion, that's what they did!

So pleased was he, he gave it his name
Chyawanprash it was named and grew it's fame!
So strong and powerful he became
Even Indra's vajra he could tame!

From then you see, every mother made a vow
To feed Chyawanprash to her child anyhow!
All your heroes relished the sticky sweet goo
Bheema, Arjuna,  and Hanuman  too!

Will everyone become strong like them mama
If they always take a spoonful without the drama?
Yes my sweetheart smiled mama
And though I don't admit it, I quite like your little drama!

Mama..if all the kids know this story
Will they take Chyawanprash daily?
Yes my child, thats the idea
To build a stronger, healthier and more immune India!

Will we all be champs then
And strong like our ancient  super men?
Yes my child , you will be
And none would be happier than me.

I love you mama, and the story too
And I want to be a Chyawanprash champ too
Oh yes! I want you to be one
India will then be second to none!

Tasty, gooey is my magic potion
Coming in different flavors and  options
Bring in more new flavors Dabur!
Strawberry, chocolate,honey and ginger!

This post was written as a part of the Indiblogger contest  for Chyawanprash

Saturday, November 2, 2013

A Pilgrim

What is it?
My conscience nudged me and asked.
You look sad, spent, disoriented.
I hope I knew, I sighed.
My mind, tired by centuries of folly
Tells me it's time.
You have played your part.
It's time, to cross over
And look back with longing
And desperation.
You have become a pilgrim
Who has crossed lands and seas
And come so far away
Only to realize too late
What you left behind
Was your salvation.

A pilgrim
Trapped in his own doing
Resigned to his fate
I foolishly seek
What was already mine.

I still carry on
Fuelled by shame, embarrassment, anger
I only push myself to my limits
Hoping I would break
And in that unforgiving act
Would be my last apology.