Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Little Pussy

Pitter,patter the rain falls
Little Johnny can't sleep
Do the angels weep, mama
Do the angels weep?

Are they sad for little pussy
All alone at night?
Meow meow,scratch scratch
Let him in mommy, he won't bite!

Boom,boom the thunder sounds
The meowing and scratching stops
Hurry Johnny,lets bring him in!
Thanks you mama, love you lots!

Pussy is not moving mama!
Is he fine?Is he fine?
Why are his eyes closed mama?
Is he fine?Is he fine?

Hiding her tears in the rain
Mama turns to Johnny
Pussy has gone to a better place, she said
He is fine now, honey.

But you see his left his body here
For us a lesson to gain
Never close the door on someone
Who might be in pain.

Bring him in little Johnny
He is wet ,lets wipe him dry
Then tie the red ribbon on his neck,
Said Mama, trying not to cry.

When morning came and the sun shone bright
Mama and Johnny buried little Pussy
They sprinkled flowers at his grave
Some red roses and a daisy.

Here lies pussy,a friend of mine
He is in a better place, wrote Johnny, he is now fine 
He is now one of the stars that shine
He is now fine, he is now fine.


  1. wow. i could read this 2/3 times and each time come out with a different perspective. cool.

  2. Nice poem:) I enjoyed reading it:)

  3. very nice.........keep it up

  4. topchef i think it speaks volumes where are all the old softies where have they gone. i,m one thank you for reminding me about whats